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May Cottage is my family home and has been for over 19 years. It’s a quaint cottage that dates back to 1740 and is set in the heart of the quiet, picturesque village of Thruxton with it’s Post Office and local bus service, two old Inns serving snacks and food, yet it lies just a quarter of a mile to the north of the A303.

What can I see and do?
A quarter of an hour to the west is Stonehenge with the historic towns of Salisbury and Winchester less than a half an hour away. The Nearest town of Andover is 5 miles away and is centrally placed for easy access to London, Oxford, Southampton & Bath - all within 1 hours journey. The area is very attractive with many varied walks and is justly world famous for it’s Chalk Trout Stream fishing on the Test and Itchen Rivers, for more info on local interest see here

If you want to see the real Hampshire countryside and warm hospitality then you have found the right place, for rates and booking information please see here

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About Thruxton and the Old Mortuary

The village of Thruxton is a tranquil place now that the London - Exeter turnpike no longer cuts through its heart. It was a very different place when the village acted as a staging post on the arduous journey to the wild south west. Passengers lodged at the George Inn, carriages and horses at the barn in the grounds of May Cottage.

Life for the barn became even more interesting as it turned to the business of death in the late 18th century. It took on a morbid vital role as part of the village undertakers, coffins made one side of the road, bodies stored on the other. When travelers died on route there was often delay before the two could be brought together and a funeral carried out - someone had to pay for the coffin! Ten shillings for the coffin, one shilling for preparing and laying out the body.

The Mortuary barn is a pretty little hatch and cob building with local cut timber for rafters and beams from Amport and Monxton woods. You sleep in the cottage in the sort of bed where you'll sleep like the dead and if you live till morning Fiona will provide you with a magnificent breakfast in the barn!

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